Inese Westcott

Inese has been a professional portrait and lifestyle photographer since 2006.  Originally from Latvia, Jurmala, now living and working in Bellevue WA, USA. 

She enjoys photographing women of all ages. Also works with families, children, takes pregnancy photos, senior portraits and engagement sessions.  As well as photographs for bloggers and websites.  

At this moment she works on location with session pricing starting at $400.

Please visit  Inese Photography Facebook page and Blog for latest work, as well as Fine Art Collection.

Feel free to contact Inese for Free Pre Session consultation and she will create customized photo session just for You! 

"If you would ask me: What keeps me going? I would count a couple of things that excite me about life and living - Family. Friends. Inspiring People. Visual Arts - mostly photographs and paintings. Music. Culture. Good coffee and interesting conversations.
I think what really makes the world go round are great people with good intentions and passion for Life... and those who are curious! You always have to have a question... so you can look for the answer.


Please visit for more information about Inese and her charity movement making a Positive Difference in Children's Lives through ART.  

We believe that creativity and art have the power to help children see beyond their circumstances. We believe that by exposing them to various forms of art and supporting their creativity, we set them free to discover their unique voices.

Learn more aout Art Maks You Art Camps Here.